Using the bootlace ferrule acts as a reliable electrical connection and protects the outer conductors and wire strands of flexible stranded wire from ‘bending’ and splaying. Ferrules are available uninsulated and insulated with colour coded plastic sleeves for single or dual wire applications.

Used in various components from terminal blocks, motor drives and a range of circuit breakers, the insulated bootlace ferrule prevents conductor breakage and allows for a simple insertion into final products. Generally used as an alternative to tinning or soldered connections, the bootlace ferrule is becoming the leading choice for wire and cable termination.

At Express Assemblies Ltd, bootlace ferrules are used daily with a variety of ferrules suited for customer specifications. From uninsulated to insulated collar and twin ferrules, the need for ferruling a wire or cable is now essential for our business prospects.

Choosing the correct ferrule therefore is critical to ensure a quality connection. There are two basic versions; French and German. Categorised by colour, the ferrule is determined by the size of the wire or wire gauge [AWG].  Both systems are equally good and to be honest unless specified by the customer, go with the simplest.


“Insulated ferrules also come in twin entry versions making a 2-1 termination quick and simple and we in the cable assembly business like them because they are not messy and require very little labour” 2



We are well equipped to deal with any ferruling enquiry.


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